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About me !!!!!!!!! Cwpleader

Me! Cwpleader Hi! I’m the imfamous cwpleader! My REAL name is……….. Cwpleader Disco(i fooled ya huh?) 🙂 I LOVE CLUBPENGUN AND PIE(well who doesn’t)

Y PERSONlity: I SEEM  nice. Well i am nice if you don’t get on my bad side.  Their’s only one person has done so, and that person name will be kept privite for many resons.

I can’t spell! Well hope you understand that. 😆 and guess what!!!!!!! you can laugh at me for not spelling right why? well im to smart for that ……. blame name game (gasp it rhymed) I can be silly and not silly and i will talk about random stuf from time to time(who wouldn’t?) I like to be weired. and the most important thing you need to know is IM A GIRL! many people mistake me for a guy. Also don’t call me a girly girl becaz. im not i may like pink but i surly don’t like jewry and i hate skirts dresses and EARRINGs I HATE THEM THEY HURT MY EARS AND ITS A WASTE OF MONEY. now thATS clear. im admin for Star5treak he’s a boy i hope you know.  well i think thats it.oh and my clubpenguin name is Taneskea if you want to  be my buddy say CWPLEADER so i no youve seen my blog and not some weird person.



1. dandeman13000 - January 24, 2008

OMG its my pie!!!!! *takes pie and runs* 😯 mine! 😯

2. belldranit - February 2, 2008

AAAHH!!!! that’s my chocolate pie! *takes pie and runs away* MINE!!

3. Xfadeaway (different computer) - February 10, 2008

pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie

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