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My Show! Interview Penguins

WEll read its the next one will be on video!

Cwpleader: omg ur back
Cwpleader: ok sorry random
Sara: back on meebo ya
Sara: ready 4 that interview?
Cwpleader: yup
Cwpleader: ok
Cwpleader: What made you like clubpenguin when u first started
Sara: well i like how i could chat to different people
Sara: and lets face it
Sara: the penguins r cute
Cwpleader: Really? I thought thery were little fat to be penguins
Cwpleader: they’re
Sara: i like them
Sara: the fatness makes em cute
Cwpleader: ok…
Sara: lol
Cwpleader: What made you blogging?
Cwpleader: I mean start a blog.
Sara: well at first i learned how to take screenshots and make edits i was so into it i started blogging
Sara: then i noticed ppl needed help on cp
Sara: so i started making cp posts
Cwpleader: Cool!
Cwpleader: Do you think cp kinda sucks now?
Sara: ya sorta, i mean they have some orginal ideas but its just getting old
Cwpleader: Ya, but the parties are the suckyest
Sara: next Q
Cwpleader: How you came up with the name Snow949?
Sara: Well it was october and i wanted to make a snowman so i put in Snow9 but that was taken then Snow94 also taken then Snow949 BINGO
Cwpleader: OH kind of ..random
Cwpleader: So why do think pie pies?
Sara: Well pie is random like me and it tastes really good!
Cwpleader: Iknow but cookies are my world
Sara: lol, cookies can be good
Cwpleader: How does it feel to be called popurlar
Sara: very annoying… i wouldnt even like being called popular at school. i hate popularity
Cwpleader: Yeah but its like a ducks and girls running in squres
Sara: that made no sense lol
Cwpleader: yeah it does
Sara: my brain doesnt make sense
Cwpleader: like ducks will attack like pouulartiy
Cwpleader: *populartiy
Sara: hmmmmm my brain hurts
Cwpleader: k
Cwpleader: um… Why u like randomness
Sara: because its…. hmmm i have no clue… it has no answer like why pies taste so good! PURPLE
Cwpleader: PURPLE… iTS so like you sara
Sara: well purple is a fruit
Sara: 🙂
Cwpleader: lol
Cwpleader: ok I eat pie?
Sara: yes u do
Cwpleader: k next Q
Sara: k
Cwpleader: Why did you decide to make this real life blog and quit the other one
Sara: Cp is boring and a waste of my life
Cwpleader: k but why this blog?
Sara: my real life feels more fun to write about then cp
Sara: brb
Cwpleader: oh but why not evil cats are cat that can open doors
Sara: well rubber ducks r more evil and more funny
Cwpleader: cool but cats might open ur doors and eat ur fish or pie like my cat does
Cwpleader: r u there?
Sara: yes
Sara: well ducks live in ur vents
Sara: and ride unicorns
Sara: that just sends chills up my spine
Cwpleader: lol but  my cat eat ducks so can’t they be eviler
Sara: brb
Sara: sorry about that
Sara: cwpleader?
Cwpleader: so my can’t can tear a duck into shreads so the not powerful
Sara: u there?
Cwpleader: cat*
Cwpleader: that8
Cwpleader: that**
Sara: well not all ducks are evil or alive
Sara: the true evil ones only come down from their vents to attack ppl
Cwpleader: ok we are off topic
Sara: lol ya
Cwpleader: OK well everybody this is Snow
Cwpleader: I mean Sara
Sara: Yupp Yupp!
Cwpleader: and that was My show show !
Sara: Red Rules!
Cwpleader: INTERVIEWS WITH PENGUINS. the first and only meebo show
Sara: Pie is Pie!
Sara: Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Cwpleader: Now next week it will be funguin in penguin form!
Sara: Or Will IT?
Cwpleader: so time to GO bye now!
Sara: brb
Sara: back
Sara: byeeee!



1. Sara - March 22, 2008

Yay thats me!

2. fender159 - April 4, 2008

HURRAH! in your “whose here” counter only one person from Mexico comes. Who is that? ME!

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